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Turnaround Optimizer Webinar presented by Don Cooper

The Optimizer Process is a mindset about being efficient and lean, and it makes use of some good digital technology to do the heavy lifting. Now, this is all about turnarounds, and how we apply the Optimizer Process to them. However, the principles, or the nine steps in the Optimizer Process, apply to having a lean, right people, right schedule, right equipment, and right alignment with your customer mindset in anything, in any type of work execution.

The success of turnaround projects is dependent on effective collaboration, alignment, and value creation. Organizations can optimize project execution, reduce costs, and improve safety measures by taking a strategic approach and involving all stakeholders from the start.

Turnaround projects frequently present one-of-a-kind challenges that necessitate a strategic and well-coordinated approach. Organizations must optimize their project planning and execution processes to overcome these challenges and achieve efficiency, cost savings, and exceptional results.


Key Insights:

  • The Path to Success and Efficiency
  • Developing Value and Alignment in Turnaround Projects like:
  • Early Alignment
  • Value Creation
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  •  And more.


Remember that the key to success in turnaround projects is effective collaboration, alignment, and a dedication to value creation. 


Head Shot of Don Cooper

Don Cooper

Founder & CEO, Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Don Cooper is the Founder & CEO of Innovator Industrial Services Inc. For the last 30 years, Don has been working in industrial specialty services with a focus on Innovation. Don's current passion is to use innovation and technology to help clients dramatically improve safety and productivity in their facilities.

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