The True Cost of Hot Work

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The True Cost of Hot Work: An IPEIA Webinar presented by Don Cooper

Discover the future of industrial safety and efficiency in our dynamic webinar, focusing on the critical issue of hot work in industrial operations. Presented by CEO of Innovator Industrial Services, Don Cooper, this IPEIA webinar, reveals the significant risks and hidden costs of traditional hot work methods, highlighted by the powerful story of John Capanna, a survivor of a devastating hot work accident.

The webinar introduces four innovative technologies that are transforming industrial maintenance and repair: the Quickflange™ weldless flange system, cold grinding & cutting tools, Forge Bonding™, and engineered composite pipe repairs. Each technology is introduced to demonstrate how they provide safer, more efficient alternatives to conventional hot work, drastically enhancing workplace safety and operational productivity.


Key Insights:

  • Learn About The True Costs of Hot Work Beyond the Direct Costs
  • Learn About Cutting-Edge Hot Work Alternatives.
  • Benefits of Transitioning to Cold Work Methods.
  • Implementing New Technologies in Industrial Environments.
  • Impact on Industry Standards and Safety Regulations


Are you ready to elevate your approach to industrial maintenance safety and efficiency?

This webinar is an essential resource for industry professionals aiming to enhance safety and cost-effectiveness in your industrial maintenance operations.

Watch now to discover these transformative innovations and learn how they can be integrated into your work environment for a safer, more efficient future.


Head Shot of Don Cooper

Don Cooper

Founder & CEO, Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Don Cooper is the Founder & CEO of Innovator Industrial Services Inc. For the last 30 years, Don has been working in industrial specialty services with a focus on Innovation. Don's current passion is to use innovation and technology to help clients dramatically improve safety and productivity in their facilities.

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