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Quickflange Webinar presented by Don Cooper & Phil Paterson

Dive into the world of Quick Flange, a revolutionary technology that uses no welding to permanently connect a flange to a pipe. Say goodbye to temporary fixes with traditional welded flanges in favor of this safer, more efficient option. Quick Flange is not just a solution for those who are familiar with mechanical connectors; it is a game changer. Listen in to find out how this approved permanent connection is changing hot work practices. Don't pass up this opportunity!

Quickflange represents an innovative technology and product specifically crafted to streamline and optimize industrial pipe connections and flange applications. This revolutionary solution not only saves valuable time but also proves to be a highly cost-effective and efficient alternative, providing numerous advantages for industrial processes.

  • Rapid Installation Speeds: Quickflange offers an installation process that is impressively up to ten times faster than traditional flange connections.

  • Swift Assembly Times: In numerous instances, Quickflange can be assembled within minutes or even seconds, a stark contrast to the prolonged hours or days required for welding or bolting flanges.

  • Exceptional Efficiency: The accelerated installation not only saves valuable time but also translates into substantial cost savings.

  • Increased Productivity: Quickflange's quick assembly capability contributes to heightened productivity on industrial projects.

  • Game-Changing Innovation: The ability of Quickflange to swiftly integrate into pipe systems stands as a transformative game-changer in the world of pipe connections.

  • Demonstration of Innovation: This showcases that innovation has the power to revolutionize even the most fundamental aspects of industrial processes.


Discover the Pipe Joining of the Future: Quickflange - A Welding - Free Revolution


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Don Cooper

Founder & CEO, Innovator Industrial Services Inc.

Don Cooper is the Founder & CEO of Innovator Industrial Services Inc. For the last 30 years, Don has been working in industrial specialty services with a focus on Innovation. Don's current passion is to use innovation and technology to help clients dramatically improve safety and productivity in their facilities.

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