Weldless Connections: Pyplok

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Webinar Summary:

Join Don Cooper from Innovator and Rob Mackay from Tube-Mac as they explore the groundbreaking Pyplok technology, a no-weld, mechanically attached fitting system that revolutionizes pipe connections. Discover how this innovative technology enhances safety, boosts productivity, and slashes costs by eliminating the need for hot work in piping installations. Witness firsthand how the Pyplok system can be a game-changer for your operations through a detailed demonstration and robust discussion on its applications across various industries.

Key Points:

  1. Weld-Free Technology: Pyplok employs a unique no-weld, mechanically attached fitting system, which offers a weldless connection, ensuring ease of use and enhancing safety by eliminating the hazards associated with hot work
  2. Innovative Technology: Pyplok technology involves a 360-degree radial swage mechanism, allowing for rapid, secure, and cold mechanical attachments without welding
  3. Broad Applicability: The system is suitable for low to high pressure applications and is widely adopted in industries such as aerospace, marine, and offshore markets .
  4. Safety and Efficiency: The installation of Pyplok fittings not only reduces workplace hazards by eliminating fire risks but also cuts down the time and cost related to traditional welding[1].
  5. Ease of Installation: The technology enables easy and quick installations, with training for installers completed in approximately one hour, making it an ideal choice for urgent and efficient operational needs[2].
  6. Cost Effectiveness: By reducing the need for ongoing inspections and maintenance associated with welded systems, Pyplok significantly lowers long-term operational costs .
  7. Compliance and Standards: Pyplok fittings meet crucial industry standards and are approved by major marine and offshore regulation bodies, ensuring reliability and trust in their performance .
  8. Demonstrated Reliability: Robust testing and long-term applications demonstrate Pyplok's durability and leak-free performance even in harsh environments.

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